google project create steps

step1 -> login into

step 2 – > go to list project

step 3 -> create new project

step 4 -> then go to api manager-> APIs Credentials
link :

step 5 -> then we create api creential for created project

-> create Credentials -> OAuth 2.0 client IDs

-> a. Enter product name Oauth Constant Screen

-> b.create client id

step 6 -> now we see the OAuth 2.0 client IDs . then we get client id & client secret…  ( you need to enter this in wpblazer white label app settings after enabling api key)

step 7 -> then we add authorised redirect URIs. ( copy the redirect url from wpblazer white label app settings)


step 8 -> then enable api


-> a. go to dashboard.then click Enable api button

-> b. click Other popular APIs -> Analytics API

-> c. then click Enable analytic api enabled.

-> Drive API -> click enable drive api enabled.

-> Copy the client id and secret key from step 7

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