Instruction for creating twitter app

Create a Twitter App for your website.

1. Login to your Twitter account.

2. Go to the Developers website: Sign in again if asked. Click “Create a new app” button on the right.

3. Fill details, click “Create your Twitter application”.

Please use our information for the next step.

4. Click “Permissions” tab. [Very Important] Change “Permissions” to “Read and Write”. Click “Update Settings”

5. At  “Keys and Access Tokens” tab, Click “Create my access token” button at the end of the page.Wait couple minutes and click “Refresh”. (Keep refreshing the page until you see “Your access token section.”)

– Notice API key and API secret as well as “Access token” and “Access token secret” on this page.

FAQ: Question: I am getting this error when testing my account.{“error”:”Read-only application cannot POST”,”request”:”/1/statuses/update.json”}
Answer: Please check steps 4 and 5 again. Make sure your have “Read and Write” for both “OAuth settings” and “Your access token”</p></div>

Your Twitter is ready to use.