SSL TroubleShooting

Even after enabling ssl, chrome shows unsecure ? this is due to mixed content of your site, your site might have  some http reference ,
so if you want to fix the mixed content issue, just provide wordpress login my guys will look into it

Mixed Content Warnings – Loading Assets Over HTTP

If you have never had HTTPS on your site, you will undoubtedly run into an issue with how your site assets are loaded. By assets I’m referring to things like images, JavaScript, and even your CSS; by default they are often configured to load over HTTP. Insecure assets will not stop the padlock from showing in browsers, but it will add an exclamation point warning to your users that information is being loaded insecurely.


This can happen when the absolute URL path is set, instead of relative paths for images, CSS, or JavaScript files.
Absolute path:
<img src="">
Relative path:
<img src="/myimage.png">
Fix :
please install and active plugin

Updating wordpress plugin

When we release new wordpress plugin, it will show version available message at your wp admin or wpblazer plugin section,but it may take some time to show new version release. so if you don’t want to wait, you can do the following.


  1. login to wp admin of your site
  2. under plugin section , click check for updates  near wpblazer plugin

  3. This will show new version available message,Click update now button
  4.  wpblazer plugin will be updated

Can I backup large website with wpblazer ?

We have tested sites up to 1 gb on low level server and 2 gb at dedicated server, backup depends on your server configuration. The limit completely reply on your server. We have made process to run on almost at any server. But click here to read more about backup requirement.if you have very large site you can use exclude directory option to omit unwanted folders.


Here is the test results screenshot

  1. 1 GB Site
  2. 2 GB Site
  3. Amazon Upload



We will update with more screenshots as soon we get latest test results.

Rescheduling backup

If you have wrongly scheduled your backup, you can easily change the scheduled backup.

To change schedule backup click “List Schedule” from SCHEDULE BACKUP dropdown


You can either delete schedule or edit.

Editing Schedule backup.

Click Edit button, this will navigate to edit schedule page, where you can make changes you need

Click Delete button, if you want to delete your schedule backup.

Creating new schedule backup

You can schedule backup to run later at your preferred timing. To create new schedule backup follow the steps.

Click SCHEDULE BACKUP from the dropdown button or side menu

Click Add Schedule to create a new schedule backup.

  1. Select the site you want to run backup, then enter the task name. Task schedule can be daily ,weekly or monthly, enter the hour and time zone. Backup type can be db only or Files + DB Only.
  2. Select remote destination, where you want to send backup. Click submit button to create a new schedule

Exploring Cloud Backup

  1. Backup Files + DB – This will run full backup at your website
  2. Backup Database Only – This will run DB backup at your website
  3. Schedule backup – This will navigate to schedule backup page where you can create new schedule backup, check backup status.
  4. Exclude Directory – If you want to exclude any large file from backup, you can enter the directory name one by one.

Running Live Backup

  1. Click DB + Files backup or DB Backup Button.
  2. This will run a live backup at your site.
  3. Status will be update in realtime.
  4. Once backup is completed, you can download to your pc or to any remote destination.

Creating new user

You can create new user for your blog at wpblazer. Follow the instructions to create new user.

Navigate to Users page, click the Create New User button

Enter the user name, email, password, user role can be Admin or editor(based on your blog roles). Click submit button to create new user