WPBlazer Plugin Upload Issue

If  You will get plugin upload failure message like “– The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.  –” , please follow steps


  1.  Login to your cpanel/FTP  , if its cpanel click file manager
  2. Then navigate  to your wordpress site plugin folder  (example : /public_html/your wordpress site folder/wp-content/plugins/ )
  3. Then Upload and extract our ‘wpblazer plugin’ to that folder.
  4. Log into your wordpress site admin account, go to plugin section and activate our wpblazer plugin.
  5. After activation paste the api key from WpBlazer dashboard to get connected. (Api key can be found at your added site ‘Settings’ )

if you don’t want to do manually , contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase upload_max_filesize to 3mb.

SSL TroubleShooting

Even after enabling ssl, chrome shows unsecure ? this is due to mixed content of your site, your site might have  some http reference ,
so if you want to fix the mixed content issue, just provide wordpress login my guys will look into it

Mixed Content Warnings – Loading Assets Over HTTP

If you have never had HTTPS on your site, you will undoubtedly run into an issue with how your site assets are loaded. By assets I’m referring to things like images, JavaScript, and even your CSS; by default they are often configured to load over HTTP. Insecure assets will not stop the padlock from showing in browsers, but it will add an exclamation point warning to your users that information is being loaded insecurely.


This can happen when the absolute URL path is set, instead of relative paths for images, CSS, or JavaScript files.
Absolute path:
<img src="http://mydomain.com/myimage.png">
Relative path:
<img src="/myimage.png">
Fix :
please install and active plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/ssl-insecure-content-fixer/

WPBlazer Communication Failure

If you get Communication Failure Issue. Please cross check Following steps


  1. Make Sure you have entered correct site url, double check  your wordpress admin settings and wpblazer site settingWordPress Admin Site Settings

    WPBlazer Site Settings

  2. Make sure your site is accessible and live, click the url link at dashboard and check 
  3. If you have tried multiple times, our ip might got blocked, in such case contact your server provider to whitelist our ip  67.225.137.*
  4. If you have checked all above three steps, but if your plugin still fails , then contact our support, we will look into your issue.

Backup PRO

Backup PRO is similar to cloudbackup and schedule backup. but its designed for running large backup with out server issue . if your site backup fails due to server issue. backup pro will be good alternative . But to configure we need you to enter ftp details. this backup will depend on our infrastructure, not based on customer infrastructure, so it wont fail.  you can’t able to schedule this backup, will run automatically daily



you can click view backup button to check new backups that’s running daily

Uptime Monitoring

Once you click Activate button, uptime monitor starts checking your website, if there is any downtime will get email and reported in this page.

we will check your website every 10 minutes and if your site didn’t respond for 20 seconds,we will report you as down, once we access, will report back as Site-UP message.


Cloning a blog

  1. Click the clone button near your site
  2. Enter the destination site details where you want to clone (the site should be empty, should not have any wordpress)

Name: Site name

Website : Destination site url
Hosting : hosting where website is connected
group : site group


Note : make sure you clone less complicated sites, like having data less than 100 mb or not having complicated plugin/themes installed ( you need to deactivate the plugin and make clone). cloning website purely depends on your hosting provider capacity and it may fail if your server is not compatible.

Installing WordPress for your blog

  1. Make sure you have added your cpanel details first>
  2. Then fill out the basic site information and click install wp button

    Site Name: your site name
    Hosting: select the correct hosting you have pointed
    Site URL: your site web url
    Site username: WordPress admin username
    Site Password: WordPress Site password
    Plugin/Theme Installation: Select plugin/theme you want

Security Check

WPBlazer helps you to check your websites for any vulnerability.

All you need to do is go to site dashboard and click check now button



WPBlazer scans your website and give you detail report



you can fix plugin/theme  vulnerability by upgrading their version