Dropbox App Creation steps


step1  ->login to dropbox

step2  ->go to https://www.dropbox.com/developers
->then click create your app link
-> link redirct to https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps/create

step 3 ->select radio button dropbox api

->select radio button App folder– Access to a single folder created specifically for your app.

-> Enter Name your app ,choose dropbox API and Full dropbox access

step4 -> show the app settings.

-> we can copy App key & App secret from this page and paste into wpblazer white label app setting.

Google Drive App Setup

google project create steps

step1 -> login into https://console.developers.google.com

step 2 – > go to list project https://console.developers.google.com/iam-admin/projects

step 3 -> create new project

step 4 -> then go to api manager-> APIs Credentials
link : https://console.developers.google.com/apis/?project=wpblazer-dev-01

step 5 -> then we create api creential for created project

-> create Credentials -> OAuth 2.0 client IDs

-> a. Enter product name Oauth Constant Screen

-> b.create client id

step 6 -> now we see the OAuth 2.0 client IDs . then we get client id & client secret…  ( you need to enter this in wpblazer white label app settings after enabling api key)

step 7 -> then we add authorised redirect URIs. ( copy the redirect url from wpblazer white label app settings)


step 8 -> then enable api


-> a. go to dashboard.then click Enable api button

-> b. click Other popular APIs -> Analytics API

-> c. then click Enable button.now analytic api enabled.

-> d.click Drive API -> click enable button.now drive api enabled.

-> Copy the client id and secret key from step 7

Updating wordpress plugin

When we release new wordpress plugin, it will show version available message at your wp admin or wpblazer plugin section,but it may take some time to show new version release. so if you don’t want to wait, you can do the following.


  1. login to wp admin of your site
  2. under plugin section , click check for updates  near wpblazer plugin

  3. This will show new version available message,Click update now button
  4.  wpblazer plugin will be updated

New Features – May 2017 (Coming soon)

we are working on new features every month and going to update here. if you want to request new features please submit ticket.

May Release

  1. Manage Multi site irrespective of groups ( you can manage multi sites easily ,even upto 10k sites in single dashboard)
  2. Multi select option at interface
  3. Updates notification email
  4. Client Management improvement.
  5. 1click dashboard
  6. Backup Pro
  7.  Restore option through plugin

Status : Development

Backup pro –
Its advanced backup method, when we launch product  each time, some people are having backup issue due to their server restriction. our plugin is working good for 96% of users, only some are having issue. based on customer issue, we designed new unique backup solution to address following issue

  1. struck with your  php time out issue
  2. struck with memory exhausted issue
  3. struck with older php version
  4. Your database is too big
  5. Your website is huge say 15 gb
  6. Your server provider had blocked backup modules
  7. Your server provider kills long running job in backend
  8. Don’t need to depend to third party storage space  and paid huge money for storing backups

Server issue continues ,to provide our unique solution we did backup pro (for pro users) and it has following features

  1. Backup process is depend on our infrastructure and not customer server
  2. Can run backup process for long time even 10 hrs  or more .
  3. Never have php time out issue,php version issue,job kill issue as it depends on our server.
  4. store your backups in our cloud server


I will mail you when we launch this .





New Features – April 2017

we are working on new features every month and going to update here. if you want to request new features please submit ticket.

April Release

  1. Cloud backup improvement (live)
  2. More shortcuts at site dashboard  (live)
  3. Improvement in site load performance (Moved to next month)
  4. Updates improvements (live)
  5. Improved training videos (MY WP ,Developer portal,Whitelabel portal Live)
  6. Updates notification email Moved next month)
  7. Unlimited cloud backup space (for pro user) (live)

Status : Released on April 20 2017

Expected Release date : April 20 2017

Cloud backup improvement:

We are working on following features.

1. Improved zip methods suitable for all servers.

2.Delete old backups on cloud spaces like Dropbox,Amazon s3 etc..This will help user to avoid deleteling old backup manually.

3.Restore option (available on request)

4.Unlimited cloud space for your backup.introducing My vault for backup storage in addition to  plugin/themes,media storage