What to do if i didn’t get Welcome Mail.

You will get welcome email with account login details after buying from jvzoo. if you haven’t received please check if it went to spam or reset password

Steps to reset password

  1. click forgot password  from login page
  2. Enter the email id you bought wpblazer
  3. once you entered the email id and click reset password, you will get following mail

    if you still didn’t get password mail or system shows not registered ,please contact our support.

How to reset password ?

if you have forgot password or didn’t receive any welcome mail (went to spam??). you can reset password easily.


1.Go to https://app.wpblazer.com/login

2.Click forgot password link

3.Enter the email id

3. you will get password reset email, click the link and reset password.

Full Rebranding


Branding :

  1. Brand Name – your new brand name
  2. Brand Author – owner of the brand
  3. Brand logo – logo displayed inside wordpress plugin
  4. Company url – where you put your sales page
  5. app url – where your customer login and use your dashboard, for that you need to create cname pointing to  app.wpblazer.com
  6. app logo – this is your dashboard logo

Email Settings

If you don’t setup the smtp , email will be relied through our server

  1.  smtp host – your smtp server name
  2.  smtp port – default port is 25
  3. smtp username- username
  4. smtp password – password to send email
  5. Sender name : this name will appear in email
  6. sender email id – email will be sent from this id


Step2 – Sales Page

  1.  Next is to setup sales page
  2. you can download sales pages , edit them, upload to your server
  3. if you need to edit video you can find at fiver

STEP 3 -Setting up funnel

  1. Choose the affiliate network you want to live this product (we support jvzoo,zaxaa,warrior plus,if you want to setup any other network contact us)
  2. Create product and funnel at affiliate network.
  3. copy and paste the ipn url into ipn section
  4. whenever your customer purchase will get login to access your dashboard


we can also setup everything for our white label customer, just contact support, we will setup everything for you. we can also arrange for skype meeting.

Add Client Site

Adding new website

Click add site, enter site details and select the client




Adding Existing site

  1. Click the add site to client button
  2. Select the site and client, click submit button

Backlink Tools

we have following backlink tools

  1. Finding backlink of any website
  2. Backlink referring domain details
  3. Backlink Anchor Details
  4. Backlink Index Page Details

Pro user get backlink analysis tool as  bonus for their upgrade

Keyword research tools

we have three keyword research tools

  1. Keyword Suggestion
    you need to enter a keyword and click find keyword button. this will bring you all related keywords list, you can pick the best keyword based on the search volume and cpc.

  2. Keyword Spy
    you can spy your competitor keywords,enter the competitor domain name and click find keyword button. this will bring you all related keywords list, you can pick the best keyword based on the search volume and cpc.

  3. Keyword Difficulty
    You can analyse whether keyword is easy to rank ,enter keyword and click find keyword difficulty

    Once you find best keywords, you can add it to campaign and start writing quality post.

Pro user get keyword research tool as  bonus for their upgrade.