Wpblazer Plugin Conflict

Wpblazer Plugin Communication Failure may happen if there is any conflict with other plugins.

Once you have resolved the conflict, click site dashboard button ,you site will be contacted again.

Recent Conflicts

  1. WP-SpamSheild
    We found some articles that explains, WP-SpamSheild is conflicting some other plugins also like WPBlazer.

    This error was raised “ERROR: Sorry, there was an error. Please be sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled in your browser and try again.” while commucating your sites.

    Below articles are showing that WP-SpamShield conflicted other plugins.





  2. IP Block
    our IP got blocked at your server, you need to check if there is any deny statement at your .htaccess file
    Ex: deny from 67.225.137.*
    you need to remove deny statement

Backup Requirement

Make sure that any of following function is enabled at your server (Most server support any of this function)

  1.  PHP proc_open and shell_exec  function
  2. Zip Archive function
  3. PCL ZIP  function



Also make sure that you have either MYSQL DUMP is enabled at your server.

If you have large site, make sure you have option 1 Proc_open and shell_exec  function works at your server, this method runs for longer time instead of php zip methods that get timed out in 30 mins (depend on execution time)