Track Ranking

You can track search engine ranking for your blog. Track Ranking tool will help find the list of keywords that you rank at search engine.


Keyword : List of  keywords that rank high

Google Position : Exact Google position of keyword

Bing Position :  Exact Bing position of keyword



Top Ranked Pages


Top Ranked Pages displays the seo traffic for each post. Its classified into following

Site: searchengine where we get traffic

Page: The blog post for which we get traffic

Visits : The total number of visits so far.

Instruction for creating twitter app

Create a Twitter App for your website.

1. Login to your Twitter account.

2. Go to the Developers website: Sign in again if asked. Click “Create a new app” button on the right.

3. Fill details, click “Create your Twitter application”.

Please use our information for the next step.

4. Click “Permissions” tab. [Very Important] Change “Permissions” to “Read and Write”. Click “Update Settings”

5. At  “Keys and Access Tokens” tab, Click “Create my access token” button at the end of the page.Wait couple minutes and click “Refresh”. (Keep refreshing the page until you see “Your access token section.”)

– Notice API key and API secret as well as “Access token” and “Access token secret” on this page.

FAQ: Question: I am getting this error when testing my account.{“error”:”Read-only application cannot POST”,”request”:”/1/statuses/update.json”}
Answer: Please check steps 4 and 5 again. Make sure your have “Read and Write” for both “OAuth settings” and “Your access token”</p></div>

Your Twitter is ready to use.

Top Ranked Keywords

Wpblazer plugin starts tracking incoming traffic once its activated. Top ranked keywords pages show following data


Site: Search enginge where we get traffic

Keyword :  Keyword from which the traffic is coming

Visits : Number of user visits till now

Instruction for creating facebook app

Create a Facebook app for your website.

1. Login to your facebook account.

2. Go to the Developers page:

If you are not registered as “Developer” yet, you need to click blue button “Register”. Click here to see the Register as a Developer instructions, otherwise proceed to the step #3.

FAQ: Question: Why I can’t create an app on ? When I am trying to enter that page it redirects me back to my account?
Answer: Facebook “Business” or “Advertising” accounts can’t manage apps. Only real user accounts are able to create and manage apps. Please login to Facebook as a personal account to be able to create app.

3. Click “My Apps -> Add a New App” menu item.

Fill “App Name”, Contact email, leave “App Namespace” empty, select any category. Agree to policies and click “Create App ID”, solve captcha (if asked), click “Submit”.

Important: Please use our own information.

4. No need to add any products, just click “Settings” on the left.

– Notice App ID and App Secret (Click “Show”, enter your password (if asked)) on this page.

– Fill “Contact email” field (if empty), then click “Add Platform”.

5. Select “Website” in the list.

Enter your full website URL to the “Site URL” field. Enter your domain to the App Domains. Domain should be the same domain as the URL that you have entered to the “Site URL”.

“Important” Please also enter your contact email. You won’t be able to make public posts without entering email.

Click “Save Changes”

6. All Facebook apps are “Sandboxed” by default. All posts will be visible only to Admins, Developers and Testers. You need to take an app “Live” if/when you would like your posts to be seen by everybody.

Click “App Review” on the left. Change “Make APPNAME public?” switch from “No” to “Yes”.

Your App is ready to use.